September 18, 2014 - Fall Network Meeting

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VCM 20th Anniversary Publication


9/11 Day of Service Mini-Grant Available

9/11 inspired us all to serve. What will you do to carry out that commitment every day of the year? The meaning of the day came from all those who ran into service when their fellow citizens faced great need: first responders, registered volunteers, and random people on the street. What’s a pressing issue in your community that affords you the opportunity to “run in?”  How will you serve?

The month of September is a prime time for volunteer service. This year marks the 20th Anniversary of AmeriCorps - help us celebrate by volunteering! Mini-grants are a great opportunity to plan a project in your community that takes advantage of this national moment, as well as the 9/11 Day of Service.

How to apply:
Complete the 9/11 in Michigan mini-grant application and submit by August 11, 2014. To view the complete 2014 9/11 in Michigan mini-grant application, click here.

Application guidelines and questions are available for review here.

2014 Giving & Volunteering Infographic


Click here to see the 2014 Giving & Volunteering Infographic and learn how your fellow Michiganders are giving their time, talent, and treasure to improve their communities.


RESOURCE: Life Long Civic Engagement Guide







Lifelong Civic Engagement: A Guide for Michiganders is a digital resource that outlines lifelong engagement of Michigan residents and offers suggestions, as well as tools, on how to engage in the community. This resource is divided into sections based on a series of life stages (K-12; College Years; Non-College Bound Youth; Post Graduate; Aging Adults). Each section is designed to act as an independent guide for a specific life stage, as well as function as a cohesive document that lays out ways to civically engage in Michigan throughout a lifetime.
To accompany this resource, MNA has also created an activities placemat, the Learning How to Give Activity Mat, for children 5+.


2013 VCM Network Snap-Shot

The 2013 VCM Network Snap-Shot reflects data collected and reported by the network members for the previous calendar year.  Key indicators include number of community organizations served, number of opportunities made available to the community, and number of volunteers engaged. Download the snapshot here: VCM Network Snapshot 2013.pdf


About the Volunteer Centers of Michigan-
Volunteer Centers of Michigan (VCM) is a statewide network of over 28 Volunteer Centers serving 59 Michigan counties.
Volunteer Centers mobilize people and resources to deliver creative solutions to community problems. Through the convening of organizations, the promotion of community service, and the matching of volunteers to nonprofit programs and events, Volunteer Centers take a leadership role in addressing key community issues. To find out more, visit the "About VCM" tab.